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Lonesome's core aims

Our Vision Statement:


At Lonesome, we inspire all children to be confident, successful and independent members of society, who are able to express themselves thoughtfully and respectfully.


Core Aims:

  • to ensure pupils make substantial and sustained progress, developing excellent knowledge and understanding;


  •  to develop self-awareness so that pupils love the challenge of learning and are resilient to failure; they are curious, thoughtful learners;


  • to instil the values of mutual trust, respect and tolerance where prejudice in any form is not tolerated;

  • for children to express their thoughts, feelings and opinions in a safe environment, making considered choices to support their own and others physical, mental and emotional well-being; 


  • to engender a sense of belonging within, and responsibility for the world around them in both the local and global context;


  • to develop a community where staff, children and parents work together for the benefit of all.