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Rights Respecting Committee

This year, our school council and rights committee decided to send our harvest donations to Pollards Hill Foodbank. We have donated foodstuffs to this Foodbank before and wanted to make sure that we were developing a link with them. Gerry Stanton, the Pastor at Pollards Hill Methodist Church, where the foodbank takes place, talked about the Foodbank during our Harvest Assembly.

The Rights Committee set up our Harvest Table

The Rights Committee set up our Harvest Table 1
The Rights Committee set up our Harvest Table 2

Rights Respecting Committee Parents Assembly

On Thursday 5th March 2015, Lonesome's Rights Committee had the opportunity to attend WE day at Wembley Arena. WE means we, as in all of us. WE day is a global event to inspire young people to become active citizens. WE day is an initiative of Free the Children, an international charity and educational partner that educates, engages and empowers youth to become agents of change. WE Day inspires us into action.

We (the Rights committee) would like our school to help children and their families to be independent and be able to look after themselves. We want to raise money to buy goats. A goat provides a family with cheese and milk. The milk and cheese can be sold to buy another goat or a chicken. A chicken provides eggs which enables a family to be independent. Each goat costs £30. We are giving each class a goat bag to collect spare small coins and pennies in. When the bags are full, we will count the money and send it to Free the Children. 

Please help us to make a difference and change the lives of children living in poverty and hardship.

'When young people unite to take action, they can create world change.'


Further information on the Free the Children 'We create change' project that we are taking part in can be found at: