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Year 2

By the end of Year 2, all pupils are expected to be able to:

Read 'white' level bookbanded books
Read accurately by blending sounds together
Read multi-syllable words 
Read common suffixes (ed, ing, ly, er)
Read common exception words (Y1 and Y2)
Read most words quickly and accurately without overt sounding and blending
Discuss and express views on a wide range of poetry, stories and non-fiction
Recognise simple recurring phrases in stories and poetry
Perform poetry learnt by heart with appropriate intonation
Discuss and clarify the meanings of words
Discuss the sequence of events in books
Make inferences on the basis of what is being said and done
Ask and answer questions about a text
Predict what might happen based on reading so far
Explain and discuss understanding of a range of reading


Awards we have achieved so far.

  • Healthy Schools London
  • We Made A Difference
  • Unicef
  • Education Service
  • Healthy Schools London
  • Merton School Sport Partnership