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Year 3

By the end of Year 3, all pupils are expected to be able to:

Spell words from the Y3 list 
Use a dictionary to check a spelling
Use appropriate handwriting joins, including choosing unjoined letters
Adopt the features of existing texts to shape own writing
Build sentences with varied vocabulary and structures
Organise paragraphs around a theme
Develop detail of characters, settings and plot in narratives
Use simple organisational devices in non-fiction
Proofread own work for spelling and punctuation errors
Use a range of conjunctions to extend sentences with more than one clause
Choose nouns and pronouns for clarity and cohesion
Use conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time, cause & place
Use fronted adverbials
Understand the difference between plural and possessive '-s'
Recognise and use standard English verb inflections
Use extended noun phrases, including with prepositions
Use and punctuate direct speech correctly
Write for a range of real purposes
collects ideas, drafts, writes, edits and improves


Awards we have achieved so far.

  • Healthy Schools London
  • We Made A Difference
  • Unicef
  • Education Service
  • Healthy Schools London
  • Merton School Sport Partnership