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Year 4

By the end of Year 4, all pupils are expected to be able to:

Read 'ruby' level book-banded books.
Use punctuation to ensure understanding
Retell some fairy tales or traditional tales orally
Summarise settings and characters and how they influence mood and atmosphere
Perform plays and poetry aloud using intonation, tone, volume and action
Identify a range of poetic forms
Use dictionaries to check the meanings of words
Check that a text makes sense, including explaining the meaning of words in context
Identify the structure and features of a range of non-fiction, narrative and poetry texts
Draw inferences about feelings thoughts and motives
Use evidence to justify inferences
Identify word choices used to develop mood and atmosphere
Justify opinions about books
Distinguish between fact and opinion
Summarise main ideas in a non-fiction text


Awards we have achieved so far.

  • Healthy Schools London
  • We Made A Difference
  • Unicef
  • Education Service
  • Healthy Schools London
  • Merton School Sport Partnership