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Year 4

By the end of Year 4, all pupils are expected to be able to:

Spell homophones accurately
Use the possessive apostrophe accurately
Use correct subject-verb agreement
Use appropriate handwriting joins, including choosing unjoined letters
Punctuation should be accurate
Use noun phrases expanded by prepositional phrases
Use simile and metaphor to build up mood and atmosphere
Organise paragraphs around a theme
Develop detail of characters, settings and plot in narratives
Use simple organisational devices in non-fiction
Suggest improvements to grammar and vocabulary
Proofread own work for spelling and punctuation errors
Choose words to affect the mood of the reader
Use a range of conjunctions to extend sentences with more than one clause
Choose nouns and pronouns for clarity and cohesion
Use conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time, cause & place
Use fronted adverbials
Understand the difference between plural and possessive '-s'
Recognise and use standard English verb inflections


Awards we have achieved so far.

  • Healthy Schools London
  • We Made A Difference
  • Unicef
  • Education Service
  • Healthy Schools London
  • Merton School Sport Partnership