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Year 5

By the end of Year 5, all pupils are expected to be able to:

Read 'sapphire' level book-banded books
Make comparisons within and across books
Read a range of modern fiction, from literary heritage and from other cultures/traditions
Identify and discuss themes and conventions across a wide range of writing
Discuss understanding of texts, including exploring meaning of words in context
Ask questions to improve understanding of texts
Summarise ideas drawn from more than one paragraphs, identifying key details
Predict future events from details stated and implied
Identify balanced and biased viewpoints
Understand that characters have different perspectives in a story
Identify how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning
Discuss how authors use language, including figurative language, to affect the reader
Make book recommendations, giving reasons for choices
Participate in discussions about books, building on and challenging ideas
Explain and discuss understanding of reading
Participate in formal presentations and debates about reading
Provide reasoned justifications for views


Awards we have achieved so far.

  • Healthy Schools London
  • We Made A Difference
  • Unicef
  • Education Service
  • Healthy Schools London
  • Merton School Sport Partnership